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Gita. Based in Edinburgh, but there is no distance too great to travel. A well-honed, independent interior designer with 14 years of design experience. Combining a passion for design and a well-travelled eye to fully meet the needs of every client. The continual aim to bring out the client’s personality in each room.

That pursuit involves an artful integration of architectural elements, a refined colour palette, bold silhouettes, a strong sense of scale and proportion, and absolute attention to every detail.

What inspires me? Too many things to count. Inspiration comes from everywhere; from the sunlight streaming through a paned window, a glimpse of a woodland walk, a favourite painting, a historical reference, an unexpected quote from a favourite book. The result is a winding path and a hunger to learn, share, taste, and grow results in timeless interiors with intelligence and depth.

Gita is an Accredited Professional of the Society of British and International Design (SBID), one of the leading British professional accrediting bodies, supporting professional and trading standards of UK Interior Designers, Architects and manufacturers.

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